Stitch – Designer Spotlight: Ivko

Milica Njego

Booth: 842


Describe your Transition/Fall 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on.

Our collection has three themes. The first is inspired by Renaissance ornaments from Florence. It is feminine, tailored, and made of superb merino yarns. For the second, we explored traditional Scottish Fair Isle patterns. This resulted in the young and vibrant part of the collection where we also mixed knits with jean details. The third theme is eclectic. We combined patterns of the first two themes; however, the yarns we used, the way we combined them and the interesting knitting techniques we developed gave this theme a completely unusual look.


From where do you draw inspiration?

Ivko is always a mix of culture, art and history. Much effort is put into combining colors and finding the right relationships; the yarns we use inspire us as well as the knitting techniques we develop. This year we discovered a fantastic Japanese printed yarn that had a lot of influence on our design. It is a process and as the collection unravels, new inspirations come along.


When a woman is shopping your collection, how should they go about choosing an outfit most fitting for them?

It all depends on what she is looking for… She can choose a colorful merino jacket for everyday office work, a felted wool coat for going outside, or a very fine knitted dress for an evening out. Sometimes just a scarf or leggings will highlight the outfit. But if she wants to be noticed, she has to have Ivko on.


How would you define your city’s fashion?

Belgrade(Serbia’s capital) is an international, vibrant city famous for its nightlife and friendly people. Even though the economy is not so great, women miraculously find a way to look as if they just walked off a major fashion catwalk.



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