Stitch – Designer Spotlight: Cino

Cinthia Menolascino


Booth: 1049


Describe your Transition/Fall 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on.

The Cino Fall ’13 collection is classic yet cool, sophisticated yet sexy. Classic paisley, damask and medallion print cotton shirts are crinkled for a casual, sophisticated look with contrast print and velvet ribbon details. Viscose jersey knit tops are sexy to the touch and bejeweled with a baroque rock ‘n’ roll vibe. The newest silhouettes are fluid in extra long lengths.


What is your personal fashion philosophy?

Fashion is an artistic expression for me. My mind is continually contemplating colors, patterns, fabrics and silhouettes. I love the process of how it all works together to become a collection each season.


When a woman is shopping your collection, how should they go about choosing an outfit most fitting for them?

Women should select items that make them feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. If chosen well, clothes have the power to express who we are and make us feel at one with ourselves.


How would you define your city’s fashion?

NYC’s fashion pulse is strong. The city is a mix of all kinds of people living together and expressing themselves. There is no dress code; it is everything and anything. There are stylish/sophisticated looks and casual/dressed down looks. I love how New Yorkers dress! It is an extension of their personality and their love for fashion, art and culture.



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