Stitch – Designer Spotlight: Banana Blue

Tamika Dinter

Co-Designer/Marketing Director

Booth: 844


Describe your Transition/Fall 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on.

The collection consists of uniquely shaped knitwear in vogue prints, stylish pure silk pieces, and our popular layering wool/nylon blend fabric that allows our customer to look effortlessly stylish. The highlight colour palette includes fashionable brights such as emerald green, red and royal purple; while the main colour palette consists of ivory, smoky charcoals, gunmetal, coffee and black.


What is your personal fashion philosophy?

The most important fashion philosophy to standby is: “Dress accordingly to your own personal style and wear what makes you feel good. If you feel good, you’ll look good!” At the same time though, don’t be afraid to try new trends or looks; it is important to develop your style.


When a woman is shopping your collection, how should they go about choosing an outfit most fitting for them?

Banana Blue thinks about all women when designing our collections. Ladies of all ages and body shapes will be able to find a Banana Blue look that they feel great in. When choosing an outfit, it is important to just have fun and try different looks. A good way to wear our line is to choose one basic piece as a base, then play around with some more fashionable and trendy pieces.


How would you define your city’s fashion?

I simply love my city, Melbourne, for fashion. We have beautiful boutiques filled with independent local designers who create the most beautiful and unique clothing. Melbourne fashion is edgy, has attitude, is timeless and is like no other in the world.



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