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Chikimiki is an eclectic designstudio in New York that works with the creative community to bring you original and whimsical fashion, art, and accessories. Creative Director and Founder, Elise Dealmeida, is an industry veteran with over 20 Years of design experience in women’s and children’s apparel andaccessories. Check out for more info or follow @chikimiki on Instagram and Facebook.

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1. 8am or 8pm? 8pm definitely 2. Sweatpants or Stilettos Stilettos all the way 3. Coffee or Tea Coffee person 4. Beach or Mountains Beach 5. Van Gogh or Picasso Van Gogh 6. Sriracha or Ketchup? Sriracha 7. Favorite Fashion Era 50s 60s or 70s 50s

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SHOWROOMS AT STITCH Thu, 11 Sep 2014 14:50:57 +0000 showroombanner


Charlotte Tarantola · Michel Mechant

Anonymous Showroom is a Manufacturer’s Representative
in New York’s Fashion District, specializing in the sales
and marketing of item-driven, better casual clothing
for the modern woman. Our collections epitomize
the urban landscape in the most street savvy way.


angels never die · lauren vidal · mado

Roni Rabl Showroom was founded in 1992, providing
women’s clothing lines from all over the world. The
showroom continues to search for well-constructed,
beautiful and novel collections around the world while
also extending her business into consulting new emerging
designers on how to enter the American market today.


Akela Key · Angel Iglesias · Cop Copine ·
Grazia P Italy
Lunatisme, paris · Nana Nucci ·
Nor · Sunlight

E. Victor Gabriel Inc. has been in business for over 30
years bringing in the most unique women’s European
fashion. We are proud to represent our top lines
from Paris, France, Italy and Spain as we continue to
spread the most exquisite styles all around the U.S.


L..nk · Matti Mamane · Prisa · Michael Stein · Risona

In 2004, Arlean Gall founded The Downtown Showroom
after years of owning a specialty retail store. She was called
to the wholesale industry with a vision to exhibit designers from
around the world and expose the market to a more diverse
fashion realm. The success of The Downtown Showroom,
Inc. merges the creativity of international and U.S. designers
giving our specialty buyers the best of “East meets West”.


AU VYDA · Dore · Kollantai

212 Showroom NYC is dressing celebrities for the Grammys
and Oscars this season. Our big focus is the runway and we
have the designers everybody wants. Dore, Au Vyda and
Kollontai are showing at Stitch this September. A must see!


DECA Paris · LA Stampa · La Stampa Plus · MC Planet

Tivoli Paris Collections brings the finest in innovative, edgy
and unique fashions to North America. We are proud
to represent premier European women’s lines, including
DECA Paris, MC Planet, La Stampa and La Stampa Plus!


beautiful stories in america · orion at’eed playfull promises

· whistle & wolf

Perlmanrep is an apparel agency in motion. We have two
vans on the road traveling all of California from San Diego to
Eureka, Arizona, Denver, Portland, north to Seattle and
more. We exhibit at trade shows in Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, and New York. On
any given day in our Los Angeles destination showroom,
we have five employees and over 4000 square feet of
space dedicated to the success of the brands we serve.

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STITCH SNAPSHOT Tue, 12 Aug 2014 20:24:55 +0000 stitch_snapshot







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#stitchtogether Tue, 24 Jun 2014 16:14:24 +0000 stitchny940x260

September 14-16, 2014
Javits Center | New York


Explore and discover the world’s most compelling accessible-luxury collections at STITCH, a rare and refreshing offering in the women’s trade show arena. This unique show combines its unparalleled reputation for personal service with a creative, easy-to-shop environment. Join the community.



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September 14-16, 2014 | Jacob Javits Center, NYC Tue, 13 May 2014 16:02:49 +0000

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But some things are just too good to leave for Sin City alone.

STITCH, the fastest growing women’s apparel show in Las Vegas, will make its much anticipated east coast debut in New York City’s Jacob Javits Center during the September 2014 market week. With a keenly revised creative direction to suit its new cosmopolitan home, STITCH will continue to provide accessible luxury brands with a focused, refined and intelligently merchandized show. 

A rare and refreshing offering in the women’s tradeshow arena, STITCH combines parent company BJI Fashion Group’s unparalleled reputation for personal service with a creative, easy-to-shop environment that encourages exploration and discovery of the most compelling accessible luxury collections.

The show’s hashtag “#stitchtogether” reflects the sense of community and shared passion for pushing fashion boundaries that made the Vegas show resonate with so many.

Renowned for drawing diverse domestic and international audiences, the February and September market weeks are ripe for a new platform like STITCH, where a curated portfolio of designers and a highly-focused group of retailers can meet, network, and do business.

Currently BJI produces three well-defined RTW events at the Javits Center: FAME for junior/young contemporary, Moda for modern lifestyle and EDIT, which debuted in February for the premium luxury women’s market. STITCH represents the fourth piece that will complete BJI’s ultimate goal to serve and celebrate all corners of the women’s market. Together, these four distinct events will give the world’s most talked about retailers easy access to the best of each segment and optimize the overall market week shopping experience.

“In today’s economy, retailers are all stretched thin and pressed for time, yet they also need to constantly renew and evolve to keep their business vibrant. As a show organizer, that has always been our focus – to produce shows that support and enhance these efforts. With the addition of STITCH NY, we are fulfilling BJI’s long-term vision and bringing clarity to the marketplace in all RTW segments” said Britton Jones, President and CEO of BJI Fashion Group.

BJI Fashion Group is honored to support the New York industry with STITCH.  The launch of STITCH this September 2014 is a clear demonstration of the company’s genuine commitment to serve and satisfy the ever-changing needs of the fashion retail industry.

STITCH will debut September 14-16, 2014 at the Javits Center and will run concurrently with BJI Fashion Group’s sister proprieties:
AccessoriesTheShow, Moda, Fame and EDIT.

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August 18-20, 2014 | The Venetian / Sands Expo, Las Vegas Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:39:07 +0000

STITCH will house the most focused and refined group of RTW this season. All under one roof, this market extends the right mix of Contemporary, Lifestyle, International, and Sportswear collections to savvy retailers shopping for the season’s hottest trends.  BJI Fashion Group’s commitment to a tightly juried and carefully merchandised show floor will ensure access to some of the most well-known names in the industry. At STITCH, tight jurying means that you will find the right resources  in a global, vibrant marketplace.

We are also very excited to be part of Modern Assembly – the new strategic alliance made up of AccessoriesTheShow, Agenda, Capsule, Liberty, MRket and Stitch.


MONDAY   AUGUST 18, 9am-6:30pm*
TUESDAY   AUGUST 19,   9am-6pm
WEDNESDAY   AUGUST 20, 9am-4pm

*Opening Night Reception (serving beer & wine)
Monday, August 18th: 5:00pm – 6:30pm
All buyers will be invited to network and continue to shop into the evening.


  • Breakfast
  • Bottled Water
  • Lunch
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Complimentary Bag (First come/first served)

If you have any questions or need additional information please…. Contact Us.

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BJI Fashion Group After Party at Lavo Fri, 14 Feb 2014 00:24:33 +0000 After show

After dinner


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BJI Fashion Group: Download the MyMarket App This February 17-19, 2014 Tue, 04 Feb 2014 21:51:33 +0000 HOW WILL YOU APPROACH MARKET WEEK




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Cop. Copine Thu, 30 Jan 2014 21:00:33 +0000 cop copine headshot



cop copine (2)

Who is the Cop.  Copine woman?
The Cop. Copine woman is a curious and cosmopolitan woman with a strong personality who enjoys life with a natural, fun and spontaneous touch. She is also sensitive to unconventional and creative design.


Which specific blends of materials and innovative fabrics create your original dynamic style?
Famous for innovation, our everyday challenge is to create unexpected combinations with technical and comfortable fabrics.

What is one key ingredient in the company’s success over the past twenty years?
We are recognized for our “unique twist” with creative and inventive designs in Ready-to-Wear since 1986. Our team and our know-how are key strengths that have and still do determine our passion for innovation.

How has Cop. Copine enabled the brand to interact with its customers?
We are active on blogs and social networks such as Facebook. We also develop ambitious cross-channel client programs.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
“Where there’s a will, there is a way!”in your opinion, what is the distinction between style and fashion?Style is an attitude while fashion represents an ephemeral trend.

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Lauren Vidal Thu, 30 Jan 2014 20:40:16 +0000 lauren vidal headshot



Describe Lauren Vidal’s Transition / Fall 14 collection.
It’s a come back to the feminine style, sober and sophisticated. Fall moves softly in our wardrobe with knits enriched with lace.

Which elements help achieve the brand’s ‘fullness and femininity, minimalism and glamour’ of its designs?
One focus is on the trendy synthetic fur colored with graphical patterns and mellow styling into wide collars and jackets.


Where can this collection be found?
We have a Lauren Vidal store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (2450 Broadway at 91st Street). The collection is also sold to 600 boutiques all over the United States.

When a woman is shopping your collection, how should she go about choosing an outfit most fitting for herself?
A woman should go with fit and not size. Embrace what you have; not what you don’t or want to hide.

What do you consider to be the world’s best fashion city?
Paris for the trends, novelty, newness, taste, color, architecture, food, and the city’s beauty.

What is your personal fashion philosophy?
“Offhand but sophisticated.”


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